About Us

About kunda park automotive mechanics

Kunda Park Automotive is a local car mechanic that offers affordable rates, friendly service and a tendency to go above and beyond for our customers. Welcome to the automotive shop that cares!
Mechanic — Automotive Services in Kundra Park, QLD

Best Rates on the sunshine coast

No mechanic on the Sunshine Coast offers better rates than Kunda Park Automotive. We pride ourselves on the way we slash prices for our customers, as we want to ensure that automotive services are always affordable for residents and businesses. There are added discounts for pensioners on all primary services.

You can trust us to provide a thorough and efficient service for any mechanical repairs, routine maintenance and other work related to your vehicle. Our mechanics handle logbook servicing, roadworthy certificates, brake and clutch repairs, shock absorber repairs and suspension work.

With the latest diagnostic tools, we can appropriately identify problem areas with your vehicle. We can work on cars, SUVs, trucks, vans and other 4WD vehicles without any issues. Our mechanical services extend to your engine, where we conduct repair and tuning work to get the most out of your car.

A Business That Cares

When you come to Kunda Park Automotive, you get much more than a regular car mechanic. Everyone at our shop cares about our customers, as we establish loyalty with our clients from day one.

Whether you need logbook servicing, air con repairs, brake maintenance or other services, we are happy to help. We also make the process more convenient with our pick-up and drop off services, taking you to a nearby location if you must leave your car at the shop.

There are loan cars available at the shop that you can use if your vehicle must remain with us for a few days. But they are only present on a first come, first serve basis. Customers can call that day to inquire about availability.