Frequently asked questions

Kunda Park Automotive offers affordable and efficient car mechanic services on the Sunshine Coast. We handle mechanical repairs, routine maintenance and logbook servicing, while we also provide roadworthy certificates and diagnostic services.
Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services and car maintenance:
How will I get home if I leave my car at your shop?
Kunda Park Automotive understands the logistical issues of keeping your car at our shop. That's why we offer a pick-up and drop off service within 10 to 15 minutes of our location. We also have loan cars available on a first come basis for our loyal clients.

Will you liaise with my insurer regarding coverage for accident repairs?
We encourage you to contact your insurer regarding coverage for any damage from a car accident. They will explain how you can process your claim. When we provide you with a final bill, you can send it to your insurance company for payment, if they have approved your application.

Do you offer a guarantee on your work?
Yes, all work is guaranteed through Kunda Park Automotive. The specific warranty or guarantee on individual services varies, but we provide detailed information before agreeing to work on your vehicle.

Can you fix more than one problem with my car at the same time?
Yes, at Kunda Park Automotive, we always deliver a holistic approach when it comes to auto repairs. Instead of focusing on the issue you presented, we perform complete diagnostic testing of your vehicle to assess any problem areas. We identify problems, offer you possible solutions and get your approval before working on them as well.