Shock Absorbers

Shock absorber repairs & servicing on the Sunshine Coast

The shock absorbers are attached to the body and suspension of your vehicle. The purpose of these components is to absorb most of the shock that occurs when your car is being driven. Any vehicle made since the mid-90s will have a shock absorber on the back wheels and strut assembly, while vehicles older than 1995 may have them on all four wheels.

Shock Absorber Repairs

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The shock absorbers are cylindrical containers that have a gas or liquid inside them. On modern vehicles, these shock absorbers are mounted on the car from the suspension to the frame. Say you are driving and you come over a bump on the road. The pistons inside the shock absorbers will move up and down against the lubricant or gas that is present inside.

Most drivers would not even know they have shock absorbers in their vehicle, as they are used to a smooth driving experience. When you notice something abnormal about your vehicle, you may realise there is an issue with that component.

The good news is that you can bring your vehicle in to Kunda Park Automotive for efficient and affordable repairing of your shock absorbers. Our expert car mechanics know about the most common causes of shock absorber issues. We quickly diagnose the problem, recommend a solution and get to work on fixing your car. Our mechanics will verify that your shock absorbers are malfunctioning, repair the existing absorbers if possible or swap them out with high-quality replacement parts. Then we inspect the suspension system and nearby components to ensure they did not sustain any damage.

After testing your car on the road for a few minutes, we determine your new shock absorbers are working as intended. There is a guarantee on all work we do, while we always use the highest quality replacement parts.

Most shock absorber work can be done in a few hours, but more complex repairs or replacements may take an extra day. If your work is minor, we can have you pick up the car later in the day. If we need more time to repair or replace your shock absorbers, we will inform you of a day and time to collect your vehicle.