Air Conditioning

Car Air conditioning in Sunshine Coast

Staying cool during the spring and summer months can be a challenge on the Sunshine Coast. Even though we get some beautiful visuals in the summer, it can be tough to handle a long commute if your air conditioning is not working efficiently.

Whether you noticed the air conditioning struggling to keep your car cool or not working entirely, bring your vehicle in to our shop. At Kunda Park Automotive, we are happy to look at it for you to determine the cause of the problem. Thanks to our affordable rates and quick turnaround time, many clients trust us as the most reliable mechanic in the area.

Air Conditioning Repairs

The most common sign of air conditioning problems is that turning on the air conditioner button will not bring cold air to your car. Even if you have it turned to the cool side, you may notice the air is merely warm or hot. It means that an issue is present with your refrigerant or compressor, as it is not able to provide cold air for the fans.

Not to fear, as our expert mechanics understand the issues that cause such a problem. We have the necessary tools, expertise and spare parts to repair your car air conditioning quickly and have you on your way!
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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Even if your air conditioner is operating normally, you may want to bring it in for regular servicing. We can assess the various components, such as the refrigerant, compressor, mounting brackets and fans, for possible signs of wear and tear. Through such servicing, you will keep it running efficiently and flawlessly for many years.

Trust Kunda Park Automotive to treat any issues related to vehicle air conditioning systems on the Sunshine Coast. Our quick turnaround times, affordable rates and pensioner discounts make us the go-to mechanic in the region.